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Group of Four
Group of Four

Lymphedema Therapy Basics and Why You Should Care

Learn the importance of incorporating lymphatic treatment in venous disease management and manual lymphatic drainage demonstration from certified lymphedema therapists and physician experts.

Michael Stubblefield, MD
Michael Stubblefield

Radiation Fibrosis Syndrome: Functional Impairments in Head and Neck Cancer Survivors

Listen to Dr. Michael Stubblefield as he discusses the common radiation late effects likely to be encountered in head and neck cancer survivors treated with radiation.

Dr. Maldonado and Team
Dr. Maldonado and Team

Navigating Swelling in Your Practice
Full Webinar Recording

Hear from Drs. Thomas Maldonado, Igor Altman and Tony Gasparis as they discuss the practical guidelines you can apply to your practice when seeing patients with chronic swelling.

Evaluation of the Patient With Leg Swelling​

Listen to the abridged video clip from Navigating Swelling in Your Practice of Dr. Thomas Maldonado discussing the Evaluation of the Patient With Leg Swelling.

Management of Patients With Lower Extremity Edema​

Listen to the abridged video clip from Navigating Swelling in Your Practice of Dr. Igor Altman discussing the Management of Patients With Lower Extremity Edema.

Panel of Three
Panel of Three

Venous and Lymphatic Journal Club

Listen to Drs. Tom O’Donnell, Steven Dean and Tony Gasparis discuss the practical implications of recent publications for your daily practice in a virtual journal club setting.

Dr. Ron Karni

Ron Karni

Rehabilitation and Survivorship Considerations in Head and Neck Cancer​

Hear from Dr. Ron Karni as he discusses the optimal ways to assess, diagnose and treat head and neck lymphedema with case studies and recent clinical data.

Joy Hesse

Best Practices for Treating Head and Neck Cancer Survivors

Head and Neck cancer is a growing epidemic and lymphedema post-treatment affects up to 90% of survivors. Recognizing and treating it will improve patients’ quality of life after surviving their cancer treatment.

Group of Four with Dr. Herbst
Group of Four with Dr. Herbst

Lipedema and Lymphedema: Mythbusting and Case Controversies

Hear from Dr. Karen Herbst on the pathophysiology of lipedema and lymphedema followed by an expert panel discussion on myths and controversies with Drs. Steven Dean, Thomas Wright and moderator Tony Gasparis.

Drs. Morrissey and Melin
Drs. Morrissey and Melin

Expert Venous Management: Optimizing Treatment for Leg Swelling

Drs. Nick Morrissey and Mark Melin represent Tactile Medical at Expert Venous Management discussing the importance of lymphatic treatment in patients with venous disease with Dr. Steve Elias.

Four Presenters
Four Presenters

A Paradigm Shift: How COVID-19 has Caused Us to Rethink Lymphedema Care

Learn how these panelists are rethinking lymphedema care as the pandemic continues to impact our healthcare system and patterns of practice, cracks in chronic disease management are exposed.

Two Presenters
Two Presenters

Therapeutic Management of Chronic Edema in the Homecare Setting

Learn about best practices in the delivery of homecare therapy and how changes due to COVID-19 may impact care now and into the future.

4 Presenters
4 Presenters

Why Vein Specialists Should Care About Phlebolymphedema

Hear about the recent evidence of mixed venous and lymphatic disease, phlebolymphedema, followed by case presentation and discussion with Drs. Steven Dean, Kathleen Gibson, Kush Desai and Tony Gasparis.

3 Presenters Image
3 Presenters Image

Head and Neck Cancer Rehabilitation During Covid-19 and Beyond

Hear a diverse panel of clinicians discuss how COVID-19 has impacted head and neck rehabilitation care across specialties, how they are adapting, and what this could mean for treatment paradigms in the future.

Dr. Maldonado

Thomas Maldonado

Management of the Patient With Leg Swelling

Learn how to evaluate the patient with leg swelling. Understand the roles of the veins and lymphatic system in edema. Assess the role of MLD and IPC in lymphedema. Webinar hosted by Venous Symposium.

Nicholas J. Morrissey

CVI: Patient Care in the Era of Telemedicine

Presenter Dr. Nicholas Morrissey with moderator Dr. Tony Gasparis discuss an algorithm to addressing patients with lower extremity swelling. Includes telemedicine patient case example.

Eva M. Sevick-Muraca

Restoring Lymphatic Function

Understand the important functions of the lymphatic system through recent advances in imaging in near infrared lymphatic imaging (NIRFLI).

Maureen McBeth

Maureen McBeth

The Time is Now:
The Urgent Need for Surveillance and Early Interventions of Cancer-Related Lymphedema

Practical considerations and real-time adaptations for cancer-related lymphedema care in light of Covid-19. Collaboration among care providers and patients to enable effective home treatment of lymphedema is more critical now than ever.

M. Mark Melin

Lymphedema Management During the Time of a Pandemic

The need for early identification of lymphatic dysfunction in patients with venous disease is more important now than ever. Hear considerations for patient care during a pandemic.