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Introducing the first pneumatic compression therapy specifically designed to treat head and neck lymphedema.

Now there’s an effective therapy that allows patients to treat lymphedema of the head and neck in the convenience of their own homes. The new Head and Neck garment set is easy to use and features the clinically proven Flexitouch technology that tens of thousands of lymphedema patients currently rely on every day to effectively treat their extremities.

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About Lymphedema Infographic

Although widespread in the U.S., fewer than 20% of those living with lymphedema are actually diagnosed. The disconnect may be a lack of understanding of lymphedema as it relates to other medical conditions, and/or practitioner perception that treatment is complicated, ineffective and time consuming. To help bridge this gap and drive improved outcomes for patients, it is imperative for practitioners to understand the early presentations of lymphedema as a secondary conditioncommonly chronic venous insufficiency, cancer and its treatments or trauma. 

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It’s time to recognize lymphedema

Lymphedema affects more than 5 million Americans. That’s more than Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and AIDS combined.


Lymphedema is more common than you think.