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Designed for effective, consistent use at home, our lymphedema solutions treat the whole body

Reasons to believe

Here are a few examples of the difference our solutions deliver:

1. Muluk SC, Hirsch AT, Tafe EC. Pneumatic Compression Device Treatment of Lower Extremity Lymphedema Elicits Improved Limb Volume and Patient-Reported Outcomes. EJVES. 2013; Vol. 46(4): 480–487.

2. Karaca-Mandic P, Hirsch AT, Rockson SG, Ridner SH. The Cutaneous, Net Clinical, and Health Economic Benefits of Advanced Pneumatic Compression Devices in Patients With Lymphedema. JAMA Dermatol. 2015;151(11):1187–1193.

Intermittent pneumatic compression


The Flexitouch Plus system is clinically proven to stimulate the lymphatic system.


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Head and Neck

Upper Body

Lower Body