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    “Hear John describe his experience and share why his friends now say, “The old John is back.””

    John S.
    Flexitouch user – Lower Body

    “I reached out to…my radiation oncologist. He mentioned the Flexitouch to me. He said ‘…You should absolutely look into this. It is very helpful…’”

    Krystle L.
    Flexitouch user – Upper Body

    “The pump only adds to the quality of my life. Without it…I wouldn’t be able to live my life as I wish to live my life. ”

    Beverly H.
    Entre Plus user – Lower Body

    “Talk about a Godsend for me. Unbelievable difference. Using the Flexitouch is time you are investing in yourself, time you are spending in your recovery.”

    Jovan D.
    Flexitouch user – Head and Neck

    “Compression stockings provide you with one level of comfort and improvement. Flexitouch provides you with something completely different. Having the Flexitouch allowed me to regain some control over my life.”

    Carleen V.
    Flexitouch user – Lower Body

    “Dealing with cancer over the last few years has been really difficult for me. Thank goodness I have my wife, and I have the Flexitouch. It really helps me get through my daily life.”

    Rocky C.
    Flexitouch user – Lower Body

    “That was a turning point for me. Having Flexitouch allowed me to do my own therapy, in my own home.”

    Brittney C.
    Flexitouch user – Lower Body

    “I am just glad that I have access to the Flexitouch because it helps me manage my lymphedema, and that makes me feel physically and emotionally more in control.”

    Marlene S.
    Flexitouch user – Upper Body

    “As a lymphedema therapist, Allison learned what her patients were going through after she was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. Flexitouch helps her get back to doing what she loves to do.”

    Allison W.
    Flexitouch user – Head and Neck

    Talk to your healthcare provider about using the Flexitouch for at-home lymphedema management.

    Patient Brochure

    “Lymphedema is with me. It’s my new friend that is going to stay with me for the rest of my life. But with Flexitouch, I’m able to manage my new friend.”

    Sonya M.
    Flexitouch user – Upper Body

    Talk to your healthcare provider about using the Flexitouch for at-home lymphedema management.

    Patient Brochure

    “Know that you too can live with lymphedema, that it can be manageable, that you will find that hope, that you will find answers. Just don’t ever back down and don’t accept no for answer. Don’t be okay with the unknown. ”

    Amy S.
    Flexitouch user – Lower Body
    Amy Santiago was an active child, most of all loving to dance. She thought it was that love that led to her legs swelling to the point she could not wear her regular shoes. She later found out, it was lymphedema.

    “I feel that I got what I needed from the Flexitouch. Lymphedema is not something you can rely on somebody else to do for you. You have to learn to take care of you. ”

    Melvin O.
    Flexitouch user – Lower Body
    Neither Melvin nor his physicians were quite sure why his legs began to swell beyond control. But once the word “lymphedema” was offered as an option, he took control and has never looked back.

    “I call it my most prized possession because it allows me to engage in some normalcy. ”

    Tim S.
    Flexitouch user – Head and Neck
    Tim’s active life and career as a recruiter were put on hold while he battled head and neck cancer which caused his lymphedema. Flexitouch helps him speak and feel like himself again so he can get back to living fully. 

    “It’s a life saver; it really is you know one of those things that allows you to live a normal life instead of a life that’s compromised from lymphedema. ”

    Kelly O.
    Flexitouch user – Lower Body
    Kelly’s plans were derailed by chronic swelling, weeping and drainage in his legs that left him unable to get around and move on with his life. A call to the VA clinic put him on the path he needed to get set up with the Flexitouch and start living a normal life again. 

    “As soon as I started using that suit that just changed my life and made me go back to pre-cancer feeling in my leg. It was just an instant back to normal and so now with this I’ve got a life. I can ride my bike. I can go do grocery shopping. I can cook, go on walks…just everyday things that you take for granted ”

    Eric M.
    Flexitouch user – Lower Body

    Eric had worked hard and been active all his life until prostate cancer treatment left him with chronic, painful swelling in his legs that made even walking a challenge. With the help of a lymphologist and therapist who got him started with the right treatment, Eric has been able to self-manage his lymphedema and return to the things he loves.

    “When I go home at night, I wrap myself in this garment while I’m watching TV. It actually helps calm me. It’s a fantastic treatment. ”

    Janie F.
    Flexitouch user – Upper Body
    Janie F. is a successful businesswoman who lives a very active life. And when she found out she has lymphedema, she was determined not to let it slow her down.

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