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Lymphedema and Chronic Venous Insufficiency Resources

“I chose to work with Tactile Medical because I really believe the technology that they have in the pneumatic compression device is superior to any other product out on the market, which ultimately translates into the best outcomes for our patients.”

Jay Radhakrishnan, M.D., RVT, RPVI
Interventional Radiologist

Learn how other clinicians have worked with Tactile Medical to help their patients with lymphedema.

More than 20 million Americans suffer from chronic swelling due to lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).1

Symptoms of Lymphedema

Lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) pose a unique set of challenges for clinicians and patients. Venous and lymphatic health are interdependent, with CVI often leading to lymphedema. There is currently no cure for these chronic, progressive conditions and, if left untreated, they can lead to cellulitis (recurrent infections), fibrosis (progressive hardening and thickening of the skin), decreased mobility and dexterity, and increased pain.

1. Dean S, Valenti E, Hock K, Leffler J, Compston A, Abraham W, The Clinical Characteristics of Lower Extremity Lymphedema in 440 Patients. Jour of Vasc Surg: Venous & Lymph Disorders. ePublished Feb 2020. Data on file at Tactile Medical.

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Committed to Clinical Evidence

Clinical research is fundamental to Tactile Medical’s mission of advancing the standard of at-home treatment of lymphedema and venous ulcers. Our commitment to research has resulted in a growing body of clinical evidence that includes more than 19 clinical studies and 24 peer-reviewed articles. We encourage you to explore our clinical evidence. Review them here.

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