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Head and Neck Lymphedema Solutions

over 90% of head and neck cancer survivors develop lymphedema post treatment
Many head and neck cancer survivors are faced with an additional challenge: lymphedema.

Head and neck cancer treatments often lead to lymphedema – a chronic swelling condition that may be caused by damage to the lymphatic system. The swelling can be both internal and external and cause pain, reduced range of motion and difficulty swallowing, speaking and breathing.

Lymphedema can be debilitating and make it hard for survivors of head and neck cancer to start enjoying life again.

As with any chronic, progressive condition, early intervention and practical tools for daily management produce the best results.

Flexitouch users have 4x greater improvement than those who don't use Flexitouch

Head and Neck Lymphedema Treatment

Flexitouch Plus provides a comfortable, effective, at-home treatment designed to help head and neck lymphedema patients get back to their lives.

The Flexitouch Plus system is clinically proven to stimulate the lymphatic system and to treat head and neck lymphedema.

The head and neck garment set is easy to use and features the clinically proven Flexitouch technology that tens of thousands of lymphedema patients rely on every day to effectively treat their extremities.

Flexitouch Plus helps reduce swelling and relieve symptoms of head and neck lymphedema with effective treatments that are:

Consistent: Unlike manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), effective head and neck lymphedema treatment doesn’t depend on patient technique or ability. doesn’t depend on patient technique or ability. Repeatable results and high patient satisfaction encourage ongoing use and better outcomes.

Comfortable: Head and neck compression garments are made of soft, comfortable fabric while the dynamic pressure feels like a soothing massage.

Clinically Proven:
Clinical evidence shows Flexitouch combined with self-management is proven to work better than self-management alone, providing better outcomes for patients.Convenient: The patient-friendly design of the head and chest garments is created for ease of use.

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Flexitouch® Plus

for Head and Neck

Empowering patients to self-manage their head and neck lymphedema from home for improved outcomes and a better quality of life.

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  • Karen L. Herbst

    PhD, MD

    “Many, many of my patients love their pump. They use them in the morning, at night…and feel very lucky.”

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