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Understanding Chronic Swelling

Your lymphatic system is part of your body’s immune system. Its network of tissues, vessels and organs carries lymph fluid, nutrients and waste materials between your body tissues and bloodstream to maintain a normal, healthy fluid balance.

Lymphedema occurs when the lymphatic system is impaired and there is a build-up of lymph fluid that causes swelling and discomfort. It often happens in the arms or legs, but can also affect your face, neck, trunk, abdomen and genitals. Lymphedema is a long-term or chronic condition with the potential to cause serious problems. Early and careful management of lymphedema is needed to help reduce symptoms and keep it from getting worse.

So many others have found the help they need to manage their chronic swelling. Now it’s your turn.


Watch the video for more information about lymphedema. 

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No matter where you may have swelling, we can help

In many cases, the sooner you treat chronic swelling, the better for your long-term health. Our at-home therapy is designed to treat your swelling on your own time to help you get back to living your best life.

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