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Flexitouch® Plus

for lower body

The leading at-home therapy device for the treatment of lymphedema

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As soon as I started using that suit that just changed my life and made me go back to pre-cancer feeling in my leg. It was just an instant back-to-normal, and so now with this, I’ve got a life. I can ride my bike. I can go do grocery shopping. I can cook, go on walks–just everyday things that you take for granted.

Eric M.

Flexitouch user

The Flexitouch system is used by more than 100,000 patients to self-manage lymphedema and nonhealing venous leg ulcers.

Flexitouch Plus is clinically proven to decrease the chronic swelling associated with lymphedema.

How it works

Flexitouch Plus works by sequentially inflating and deflating its chambers to create a gentle, wave-like motion that directs lymph fluid from the impaired area toward healthy regions of the body. The fluid is then naturally absorbed and processed by the body.

Flexitouch User Guide

Key Features

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  • Simultaneous bilateral therapy – Allows the patient to treat both legs at once and save time.

  • Customized treatment options – Garment program options are available to meet each patient’s unique treatment needs.

  • Multiple garment sizes and configurations – Adjustable, easy on-and-off garments that fit the unique shape of each patient, providing a targeted, individualized treatment.

  • Clinically proven therapy – Numerous clinical studies show the major clinical benefits and cost savings.


More clinical evidence

Flexitouch Plus for Lower Body How it Works

Flexitouch Programs for Lower Body

Flexitouch Plus provides flexible program options for:

  • Full arm and core treatment
  • Full leg treatment
  • Half leg treatment

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