Planning for Survivorship: Lymphatic Considerations in Breast Cancer Patients

Hear Dr. Bednarski share her clinical expertise, practical tips and endless passion for ensuring lymphedema doesn’t get in the way of the survivorship she and her patients fought for, together.

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00:00 Intro

5:38 Survivorship focused cancer care

11:43 Impact of lymphedema on breast cancer survivors

20:28 Reducing risk of breast cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL)

27:07 The importance of early and aggressive intervention for breast cancer-related lymphedema

30:44 Using patient reported symptoms and clinical assessment to diagnose lymphedema and breast edema

38:40 How to use professional therapy and Flexitouch as complimentary components of comprehensive cancer rehab

48:22 Summary slide

50:30 Audience Q&A

56:08 Q&A highlight: Do you think lymphedema rates are underrepresented in clinical literature

1:02:59 Q&A highlight: Early intervention can reverse lymphedema symptoms, but does it cure lymphedema?