Clinical Cases of Secondary Lymphedema: Beyond Superficial Vein Disease

Hear Drs. Dean, Deol, Elias and Gasparis to learn about their perspectives on the diagnostic and treatment pathways for patients with non-CVI related lymphedema, including DVT, obesity and lipedema.


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1:15 Lymphedema and Post-Thrombotic Disease (DVT), Dr. Steve Elias
3:47 Audience question: do you see a relationship between May Thurner’s Syndrome and Primary Lymphedema?
8:06 Iliocaval DVT, post procedure results and seeking additional answers to improve patient outcomes
17:21 Audience question: do you refer patients to manual lymphatic drainage in addition to pneumatic compression?
26:39 Lymphedema Secondary to Obesity, Dr. Zoe Deol
31:18 What’s the pathophysiology behind lymphedema in patients with obesity?
39:22 Audience question: does obesity cause superficial reflux?
43:40 A Therapeutic Dilemma, Dr. Steven Dean
54:21 What about lipedema and chronic venous disease?
59:49 Q/A