Rehabilitation and Survivorship Considerations in Head and Neck Cancer

Dr. Ron Karni shares best practices for assessing, diagnosing and treating head and neck lymphedema (HNL) using case studies and recent clinical data.

  • Pre-rehabilitation and rehabilitation are increasingly emphasized in cancer care.
  • Lymphedema is the cardinal side effect of HN cancer treatment.
  • Flexitouch is the only FDA-approved device for managing HNL.


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0:00 – Intro and agenda

4:17 – Trends and prevalence of head and neck cancer

7:43 – Side effects of cancer treatment and Dr. Karni’s treatment team

14:20 – Multi-disciplinary post treatment team

19:45 – The importance of prehabilitation, rehabilitation and lymphedema therapy

25:14 – Dr. Karni’s five key contentions about head and neck lymphedema

32:44 – How do we measure head and neck lymphedema?

38:30 – A closer look at internal lymphedema and internal imaging of the lymphatics

45:25 – Treatment options for head and neck lymphedema; the Flexitouch® Plus system

46:41 – The benefits of manual lymph drainage and how Flexitouch Plus facilitates daily treatment for patients

50:36 – Clinical data and patient results after using the Flexitouch Plus

55:50 – Summary and Q&A