Expert Panel Discussion:​ Oncology Related Lymphedema

Cancer treatment can lead to lymphedema in many areas of the body. Hear from our panel of experts on how lymphedema presents in breast, pelvic and head and neck cancer patients through their clinical case presentations.


Jump to specific video sections below:

0:00 – Introduction and lymphedema overview
3:46 – Head and Neck lymphedema, signs and symptoms
14:23 – Case study: Head and neck cancer lymphedema
18:26 – Case study: Treating lymphedema 19 years post cancer treatment
21:17 – Breast cancer lymphedema, signs and symptoms
26:01 – Case study: Breast/chest lymphedema post breast cancer treatment
34:15 – Pelvic Cancer lymphedema, signs and symptoms
39:45 – Case study: Genital/abdominal lymphedema post prostate cancer
47:34 – Q&A