Recognizing Lipedema and Treatment Options for Your Patient

Drs. Steven Dean, Thomas Wright and Tony Gasparis, with Julie Green, OTR/L CLT-LANA, WCC, CLWT, will discuss lipedema – the pathophysiology, association with vein disease, conservative treatments and surgical options available for your patients.


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2:32 Clinical manifestations of lipedema
4:59 Most common phenotypes and the overlooked
6:20 Standard of care for lipedema in the United States
11:38 The difference between lymphedema and lipedema
20:07 Lipedema and chronic venous disease: What’s the connection?
23:56 CEAP classes and lipedema
27:25 Lipedema and obesity
36:14 Conservative treatment for lipedema: A holistic approach
41:12 Compression and class level recommendations for lipedema
52:18 Lipedema surgical treatment (lipedema reduction surgery vs. liposuction)
1:07:00 Q/A