Venous and Lymphatic Journal Club

Hear from doctors Thomas O’Donnell, Steven Dean and Tony Gasparis as they review the publications they found to be the most impactful this year. Key topics includes:

  • Standard of care for lipedema in the United States
  • Age-related lymphedema and patient presentation
  • Lymphangion pump function and impacts of venous insufficiency
  • Patient reported outcomes and persistent edema following ablation for lower extremity swelling


Jump to specific video sections below:

00:00 Intro

1:35 Standard of care for lipedema in the United States

4:15 Lipedema is a connective tissue disorder, which impacts lymphatic anatomy and function

6:35 Lipedema patients are at increased risk for venous disease

9:11 ICG findings in older patients with lower limb lymphedema

14:20 Identifying newly emerging patient type of age-related lymphedema vs. traditional lymphedema tarda

17:06 Degradation of anatomy and function in early venous insufficiency

22:30 Patients with CVI show decreased lymphangion pump function

22:50 CVI patient show decreased lymphangion pump

32:30 Patient-reported outcomes of endovenous superficial venous ablation for lower extremity swelling

37:20 40% of patient have residual swelling after ablation and need lymphatic treatment for complete care

41:10 How to manage persistent swelling post ablation in clinic and at home

42:56 Managing patient expectations about residual swelling