AVF, AVLS, SVM Expert Consensus on Lymphedema

Hear from lead author, Dr. Fedor Lurie, and co-authors, Drs. Tony Gasparis and Steven Dean as they discuss the recently published expert consensus on lymphedema with panel experts Drs. Kush Desai and Zoe Deol.

The consensus document, published by American Venous Forum, American Venous and Lymphatic Society and Society for Vascular Medicine, will help you learn how lymphedema experts evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with lymphedema.


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0:55 – Background and reason for the Expert Consensus
8:00 – Clinical examination is sufficient for the diagnosis of lymphedema
11:39 – Patients with lymphedema should have quantification of swelling
18:35 – All patients with CVI (C3-C6) should be considered lymphedema patients
28:19 – Regular use of compression garments reduces progression of lymphedema
33:06 – Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) should be a mandatory component of the management of patients with lymphedema
39:33 – Pneumatic compression should be recommended for lymphedema patients
49:25 – Q&A
57:58 – Summary and closing