Lipedema Basics for Vascular Specialists

Hear from lipedema experts Karen Herbst PhD, MD, Steven Dean, DO and Paula Donahue, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, MBA on lipedema basics, how to recognize the signs and symptoms and understand the options for management.


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0:00 Lipedema patient Brittney tells her story

5:28 Speaker introductions

Karen Herbst, PhD, MD

7:05 Lipedema basics and how vascular specialists can help

7:41 Studies show 25% – 50% of women with lipedema have vein disease

9:37 Lymphedema and lipedema – similarities and differences

14:00 Symptoms of lipedema and similarities to vein disease

15:02 Physical signs of lipedema

16:07 Questions to ask patients who may have lipedema

17:58 Imaging for patients with lipedema

19:35 Vein treatments and lipedema

25:38 Microvascular disease in lipedema

26:55 Importance of diagnosing lipedema

Steven Dean, DO

29:46 Presence of edema in lipedema

30:32 The paradigm shift and the international consensus

33:11 Pitting edema and lipedema – fat does not pit

34:28 Imaging studies of edema and lipedema

36:12 Abnormal imaging and tortuous lymphatics in lipedema

36:41 There is edema in lipedema

37:10 Stages of lipedema and presence of lymphedema at any stage

38:04 Causes of edema in lipedema patients

44:06 Conclusions – there is edema in lipedema

Paula Donahue, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, MBA

49:16 Typical symptoms and conservative treatment approaches for lipedema

50:14 common impairments and symptoms of lipedema

51:24 Increased sodium levels linked to inflammation in lipedema

52:43 Lipedema treatments and conservative management

1:01:16 Using Flexitouch® Plus to treat edema and lipedema symptoms

1:03:05 Multidisciplinary approach to lipedema to improve quality of life

1:03:40 Q&A and Discussion