Unlocking the Secrets of Lipedema Diagnosis and Treatment

During Lipedema Awareness month, we are excited to bring you Drs. Steven Dean, Thomas Wright and Tony Gasparis, who will discuss how they effectively address this often misdiagnosed and under-treated condition. We are also honored to introduce a guest speaker who will share her Lipedema story. By providing a holistic approach, including pneumatic compression, you can help improve the quality of life for countless individuals living with this chronic adipose disorder.


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0:00 Interview with lipedema patient Trisha
3:50 How do compression garments help Trisha’s lipedema symptoms?
7:05 Dr. Dean speaks about lipedema and pain
22:14 Dr. Wright speaks about conservative and surgical treatment of lipedema
37:42 Q&A with Dr. Wright regarding surgical treatment of lipedema