Comprehensive Management of Patients with Venous Disease and Swelling

Hear from Drs. Kush Desai, Ron Winokur and Tony Gasparis discuss interventions and the management approach for patients with venous disease and swelling through their clinical expertise and cases.

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0:00 Program and speaker introductions

0:47 Dr. Desai presents: Are we fully treating our patients’ leg swelling?

2:13 Case presentation: Deep vein disease, and phlebolymphedema

16:52 Tissue fluid homeostasis and the revised Starling principle

23:03 Edema diagnostic pathway

27:37 Case presentation: Post-thrombotic phlebolymphedema

35:08 Dr. Winokur presents: Comprehensive management of patients with venous disease and swelling

36:30 Case: Deep venous trauma related phlebolymphedema

47:43 Longstanding venous disease causing lymphatic system damage

51:04 Downward spiral of venous and lymphatic dysfunction

51:42 Persistent symptoms following venous intervention

53:00 Overloading the lymphatic system

53:37 Persistent swelling following ablation – not treating the full picture

54:58 Superficial venous case with potential late onset primary lymphedema

59:00 Concluding remarks and discussion