Venous and Lymphatic Journal Club May 2021

Doctors Tom O’Donnell, Steven Dean and Tony Gasparis discuss the practical implications of recent publications on the following topics:

  • The prevalence of chronic edema observed by clinicians in the United Kingdom
  • An algorithm for classifying primary lymphatic disorders
  • Outcomes following endovenous ablation and prevalence of persistent edema

Click the timestamps below to jump to video segments on YouTube:

0:00 Intro

1:40 Prevalence of chronic edema in the UK

13:30 Comparison of UK prevalence studies to other recent observational data from the US

24:32 Algorithm of primary lymphatic anomalies

39:45 Primary lymphatic algorithm and how it applies clinically in venous practice

45:40 Patient reported outcomes and persistent swelling with following venous ablations

57:50 Suggested algorithm for patients with swelling and venous disease

58:56 Prevalence of persistent edema following venous ablation and setting appropriate patient expectations