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Entre® Plus
the Lymphedema Pump for Hands & Arms


This pneumatic compression pump assists in the successful management of hand and arm swelling due to lymphedema. Entre Plus is intended to provide relief at home to patients who can benefit from a simple pneumatic compression pump.

How it works

The Entre Plus arm garment is designed to treat patients with upper body lymphedema in the comfort of their own home.

The Entre Plus arm garment has eight chambers that inflate sequentially from your fingertips towards your body in order to effectively move excess fluid from swollen extremities.

Entre Plus User Guide
Guía usuario para el Entre Plus

Key Features

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  • Eight compression chambers and multiple pressure modes deliver targeted, individualized treatment.
  • Active Deflation helps you remove garments quickly and easily.
  • Two Ports let you treat both arms or both legs at once
  • Easy-To-Use Controller Unit with a countdown clock to let you know how much treatment time remains.
  • Multiple garment fit options accommodate a variety of body sizes.

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