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How to Talk to Your Doctor About a PCD

How to Talk to Your Doctor About a PCD
How to Talk to Your Doctor About a PCD

If you are diagnosed with lymphedema, lipedema or phlebolymphedema and your symptoms have not improved after several weeks and multiple treatments, talk to your doctor about a pneumatic compression device (PCD).

Here are topics to think about mentioning during your appointment:


  • How long have you had swelling?
  • Has your swelling gotten worse over time?
  • Describe other symptoms like pain, fatigue, heaviness, or skin changes?
  • Has your swelling progressed to other areas of your body?


  • Describe other treatments you have tried like elevation, compression garments, exercise, and diet changes.
  • What treatments have other healthcare providers recommended?
  • Have you tried manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)?
  • How long did you try these treatments?
  • Did you notice any changes?


  • How is your swelling impacting your quality of life?
  • Are you having trouble fitting into clothes or doing your regular activities?
  • Do you have limited range of motion, difficulty doing basic exercises?
  • Are you experiencing any social, emotional, or psychological impact?


    It can be very helpful to show your doctor the treatment and symptom history during your appointment to illustrate what you’re saying about the way your condition has progressed.

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