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Prescribing Lymphedema Therapy

Easy 3-step process to screen, discuss and refer patients

1) Screen patients for lymphedema

  • Review current patients at your practice to identify individuals at risk for lymphedema and use the patient screening forms below to outline signs and symptoms


Chronic leg Swelling

Vascular patient screening tool to help clinicians uncover venous related lymphatic disorders


breast cancer-related lymphedema

BCRL diagnostic tool to review symptoms that may indicate lymphedema


Head and Neck cancer

Screen patients’ risk of developing lymphedema following treatment of head and neck cancer


2) Discuss symptoms and at-home therapy options with the patient

  • Evaluate and document patient’s medical history including co-morbidities, procedures/surgeries, symptoms of swelling/edema, pain, skin condition and range of motion in affected area
  • Prescribe therapy to increase lymphatic flow including: manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), compression garments, physical exercise and at-home pneumatic compression
  • Introduce Flexitouch Plus for pneumatic compression – Consider contraindications

Referral for Pneumatic Compression3) Refer patients for pneumatic compression, provide documentation

  • Complete the Patient Referral form outlining clinical signs and symptoms to qualify the patient for pneumatic compression
  • Once completed, select the Print icon in the upper right corner, then Save the PDF form to your device and Submit through our Referral Portal


We take it from here

  • Tactile field team conducts a product demonstration, collects measurements and answers patients’ questions about at home lymphedema therapy. With garment sizes known, Tactile will finalize a prescription for your signature.
  • Tactile service team compiles medical record documentation and pursues approval with the patient’s payer. The service team communicates with the patient and advocates on the their behalf to secure approval of the therapy customized to their needs.
  • Tactile ships the therapy directly to the patient’s home and conducts training, per the patient’s preference. Patients have access to our extensive online video library of training tools and resources to ensure successful use and confidence in using at-home therapy.

Note: This applies to Medicare, Medicaid and commercial orders. Please visit our Veterans Affairs webpage for VA ordering information.

*Tactile Medical is the manufacturer as well as an accredited and licensed (where required) national home medical equipment provider for the pneumatic devices it provides.