What to do After Basic Treatments

What to do After Basic Treatments
What to do After Basic Treatments

Trying common remedies for swelling is a great place to start. However, sometimes those basic treatments aren’t quite enough to relieve the swelling. If that’s true of your situation, it may be time to seek medical attention to find answers and relief.

Talk to your doctor

Some primary care providers don’t see chronic swelling conditions very often and may not realize the extent of your discomfort. Showing the doctor the symptoms and the treatments you’ve tracked in Kylee may help speed the process to a diagnosis and more effective treatments.

Ask about conditions like lymphedema and lipedema if the information you’ve found online or in the app seems to match your experience.

Seek a specialist

If your insurance plan allows, you could also go straight to a specialist such as a lymphedema therapist, a vein specialist, or a vascular surgeon. Specialists see more cases of chronic swelling and are more experienced managing patients with chronic swelling.

Look for more effective treatments

A specialist can also suggest the most effective treatments. Many people find relief from a combination of therapies including an at-home pneumatic compression device (PCD).

A prescription PCD helps you manage your swelling at home where and when it is convenient for you, with a gentle, wave-like motion that massages your swollen limb for you. Using a PCD usually takes about an hour per day.

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