Flexitouch Advanced Pneumatic Compression Device Reduces Phlebolymphedema Healthcare Costs Compared to Other Treatment Modalities

Authors: Michelle Lerman, Julia A. Gaebler, PhD, Sunday Hoy, Esq., Jessica Izhakoff, Laura Gullett, Timothy Niecko, MS, Pinar Karaca-Mandic, PhD, Thomas O’Donnell, MD, and Stanley G. Rockson, MD

E-Published: Journal of Vascular Surgery-June 2018


Phlebolymphedema Impact of Flexitouch Therapy on CostsPURPOSE:

To evaluate the impact of the Flexitouch (FLX) advanced pneumatic compression device (APCD) on phlebolymphedema-related medical resource utilization (MRU) and cost compared to other pneumatic compression modalities and to conservative therapy (CONS) in a representative US phlebolymphedema patient population.



Flexitouch use was associated with statistically significant reductions in phlebolymphedema- and sequelae-related medical resource utilization (MRU) and costs compared to CONS, SPCDs and other APCDs.



Phlebolymphedema is a widespread, chronic and underdiagnosed disease associated with high MRU and cost. Flexitouch system use significantly reduces phlebolymphedema- and sequelae-related costs in comparison to CONS, SPCDs and other APCDs.