Flexitouch – Pneumatic Compression Devices for In-Home Management of Lymphedema: Two Case Reports

Author: Samantha Cannon, MSOT/L, CLT

PublishedCases Journal. 2009; Vol. 2:6625


The two patients in this case series had experienced long-term difficulty controlling lymphedema at home. Both patients had used numerous home therapies, including older-generation intermittent pneumatic compression devices, without success. The Flexitouch system, an advanced pneumatic device, was prescribed to assist them with in-home efforts by providing therapy to their affected limbs in addition to the lower trunk area for the patient with lymphedema of the lower extremity; and the trunk, chest, wall, and shoulder areas for the patient with lymphedema of the upper extremity. Both patients achieved successful home maintenance of lymphedema, as judged by limb volume, clinical observations, and subjective patient impressions, after incorporating the Flexitouch system. Neither patient experienced the deleterious effects (worsening genital edema, fibrotic cuff development) that they experienced with the older-generation intermittent pneumatic compression devices they had previously used. Incorporating the Flexitouch system as part of maintenance may improve success for lymphedema patients who have previously struggled with in-home management.