Flexitouch – Overcoming Barriers in the Management of Lower Extremity Lymphedema Utilizing Advanced Pneumatic Therapy

Authors: Tina Hammond, PTA, CLT-LANA, and Alison H. Golla, MA, OTR/L, CLT

PublishedThe Open Rehabilitation Journal. 2009; Vol. 2: 79–85


Lymphedema often requires intensive, costly treatment begun in the clinic and eventually self-administered by the patient at home. In-clinic complete decongestive therapy aims to reduce limb volume, improve mobility and reduce the risk of infection. Maintaining these clinical gains requires that a patient continues self-administered treatments at home. This case study follows a patient with primary bilateral lower extremity lymphedema from initial in-clinic therapy through her two-year follow-up visit. Barriers to lymphedema management faced by this patient are identified, the clinical reasoning for the various treatment options tried is provided and the subsequent functional outcomes are presented. The case study suggests that the Flexitouch system offers promise as an adjunct to in-home treatment for patients whose lymphedema has proven challenging to control.