Flexitouch – Using a Programmable Pneumatic Device with Truncal Therapy to Facilitate Wound Healing: A Case Series

Author: Caren Betz, PT

PublishedOstomy Wound Management. 2009; Vol. 55(3): 34–40


A sequential intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) device was evaluated in four patients with nonhealing wounds caused by venous insufficiency, postsurgical complication or radiation burns, and all had minimal to extensive clinically observable edema. All patients received standard wound care. Wounds were protected with an anti-shear wound dressing during pneumatic treatment. Each week, the various wounds and limb girths decreased until the site healed or limb volume normalized for that individual; 100% of the wounds healed. One patient, who had minimally observable edema, also responded positively when IPC was added to his standard wound care regimen. The pneumatic system was well tolerated in all patients. The results obtained suggest that combining appropriate standard wound care with this IPC treatment may facilitate closure of chronic, nonhealing wounds.