Flexitouch – Flexitouch System is Well Tolerated and Shows Significant Edema Reduction in Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Authors: Harvey N. Mayrovitz PhD, Shelly Ryan PT, CLT-LANA and James M. Hartman MD

PublishedHead & Neck: Journal of the Sciences and Specialties of the Head and Neck


To assess the ease of application, garment fit and comfort, and treatment comfort of a novel advanced pneumatic compression system specifically designed to treat patients with head and neck lymphedema. Secondary purposes were to assess safety and acute edema changes after a single treatment.


One 32 minute treatment session produced overall significant reductions in facial composite measurement (p<.001) and neck composite measurements (p<.001) with no adverse events. A 2% composite reduction was achieved in 43% of patients for face measurements, and 20% for neck measurements after a single treatment session. A majority of the patients (82%) reported the treatment was comfortable; most patients (61%) reported feeling better after treatment, and nearly all (93%) reported that they would be likely to use this therapy at home. Most of the patients (70%) demonstrated independent ability to don the garments properly; while the remaining 13 (30%) required minimal assistance. Nearly all (95%) of the subjects demonstrated an independent ability to doff the garments with only two (5%) needing minimal assistance.


Results demonstrate the treatment to be safe, easy to use and well tolerated, while showing statistically significant and clinically important edema reduction after a single initial treatment.