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Easier Process = Faster care for Medicare beneficiaries

Tactile Medical is excited to announce we have updated our standard pneumatic compression device order form to minimize administrative burden for you and your team, while still maintaining compliance with Medicare criteria. This initiative supports our shared goal of empowering your patients to begin their at-home treatment sooner, getting them back to living a healthier life.

To start a new order:

Download and Complete the Entre Order RX hbspt.cta.load(19832473, ‘592ba33e-afcb-4163-96f2-97abd02a1c56’, {“useNewLoader”:”true”,”region”:”na1″});


By reducing paperwork on the EntreĀ® orders, your team can expect a nearly 30%1 reduction in administrative burden.


With the launch of the Entre direct order process your patients can access at-home pneumatic compression therapies up to 80%2 faster.


Tactile is behind you 100% by providing resources and education to ensure records and documentation are reimbursement ready.

For guidance on Medicare coverage criteria and policies, click here.

Need help or have questions? Contact the Tactile Medical Medicare Hotline at 1-855-319-9949.

1. The reduction in an administrative burden is based on the quantity of forms required in the previous process compared to the new process.

2. This time savings is based on the average cycle times of the previous process with estimations on order to ship timelines under the new order process.