Flexitouch – Programmable Intermittent Pneumatic Compression as a Component of Therapy for Breast Cancer Treatment-Related Truncal and Arm Lymphedema

Author: Tina Hammond, PTA, CLT-LANA, and Harvey N. Mayrovitz, PhD

PublishedHealth Care Management Practice. 2010; Vol. 22: 397–402


The physiological basis for truncal treatment, although clinically recognized, was not well documented until recently. This study expands on earlier work by reporting on clinical outcomes, therapist observations and subjective impressions of five patients with truncal lymphedema whose in-home self-treatment includes the Flexitouch system. Results, after two months of treatment, showed reductions in trunk and arm swelling, fibrotic tissue softening, pain reduction and improved range of motion and flexibility. Patients reported that the Flexitouch system was comfortable to use and enhanced in-home compliance. Results suggest that limb and trunk lymphedema can be effectively treated in the home with an advanced programmable pneumatic device with truncal treatment, such as the Flexitouch system.