Persistent Swelling following Venous Intervention (New York Venous Symposium 2021)

Dr. Thomas Maldonado presented the evidence supporting lymphatic treatments to supplement venous interventions.


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0:00 Intro

0:51 Diagnostic pathway for lower extremity edema

1:35 The prevalence and background of venous insufficiency and post thrombotic syndrome

2:13 Treatments for superficial venous insufficiency and prevalence of persistent swelling

3:25 Treatment for deep venous occlusive disease and prevalence of persistent swelling

5:23 Patient stratification for superficial and deep venous procedures

6:38 The missing piece: the critical role of the lymphatic system in venous disease

8:40 The prevalence and common characteristics of phlebolymphedema

9:38 Interrupting the progression of phlebolymphedema

9:53 The Flexitouch system and published evidence treating lymphedema and phlebolymphedema

10:50 Interim results of an ongoing Veterans Affairs study utilizing the Flexitouch system

12:00 Conclusion: the importance of early identification and treatment of lymphatic disease concurrent with other causes of swelling

Presented By

  • Thomas Maldonado, MD, FACS