Management of the Patient With Leg Swelling

Dr. Thomas Maldonado and an expert panel discuss the roles of the venous and lymphatic systems in lower extremity edema and best practices for evaluation and treatment. Hosted by the Venous Symposium.

[Panelists: Steve Elias, Mikis Avgerinos, Kush Desai, Tony Gasparis and Nicos Labropoulos]

  • Phlebolymphedema (PLE) is the most common type of LE in Western countries.
  • Early diagnosis of PLE can reduce risk of further complications.
  • Advanced pneumatic compression is a central component of at-home care.

Presented By

  • Thomas Maldonado, MD, FACS

  • Steve Elias, MD, FACS, FACPh

  • Mikis Avgerinos, MD

  • Kush Desai, MD

  • Tony Gasparis, MD

  • Nicos Labropoulos, Ph.D.